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Quantitative Easing

Quantitative Easing (QE) is a monetary policy tool employed by central banks, notably the Federal Reserve in the United States. It involves the central bank creating money to purchase financial assets, primarily government securities, to inject money into the economy and stimulate economic activity.

The impact of QE on the markets is profound. By increasing the money supply, QE lowers interest rates, making it cheaper for businesses and individuals to borrow money. This stimulates investment, lending, and consumer spending, which can help jumpstart economic growth. It also tends to boost the prices of financial assets like stocks and bonds.

However, the downside lies in its effect on the general population. As the central bank prints money to purchase assets, it leads directly to inflation. Rising prices erode the purchasing power of everyday consumers, effectively diminishing the value of their money. This results in the erosion of real incomes and savings for the average person.

As a measure, gold’s price was fixed at $35 per ounce before Nixon ended the Gold Standard in 1971. Gold’s price per ounce today is approximately $2000.

As the emission of US Dollar is not restrained by any physical limit anymore, nothing stops political leaders from abusing money creation to finance their actions at the expense of the masses’ purchasing power.

Simultaneously, the increase in asset prices primarily benefits the wealthy who hold substantial investments in stocks and bonds. They experience a significant increase in the value of their assets, further exacerbating income and wealth inequality.

Assets’ prices such as real estate are skyrocketing, while the masses’ purchasing power is constantly being eroded :
most millennials will never own a house.

In summary, QE is a monetary policy aimed at stimulating economic activity, but its consequences include inflation that erodes the purchasing power of the masses while disproportionately benefiting the asset holdings of the elite.



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